In November 2002, the Québec government adopted the Québec Water Policy, which will govern all aspects of water management in the province for the coming years. The objectives of this policy are:

  • To recognize that water is a collective heritage of all Québecers;
  • To assure the protection of public health and the aquatic ecosystems;
  • To manage the water resource using an integrated and sustainable development approach.

ABV des 7 was created in September 2004. The mission of the organization is the protection, improvement and the promotion of water resources flowing into its territory, as well as the other resources and habitats associated with it, within a framework of sustainable development and in collaboration with all the major players involved. This will be achieved, notably, through the preparation, implementation and supervision of a Water Master Plan.

In this regard, ABV des 7 will also work to:

  • Promote a better understanding of the resources and potentials of the watershed;
  • Reconcile the multiple uses of the water resource through an integrated management approach;
  • Act as an educator, trainer and mobilizing agent with regard to the population;
  • Develop projects that will aid in the advancement of the objectives of the corporation;
  • Organize and manage activities to permit the raising of funds for the realization of its objectives;
  • Receive donations, bequests, subsidies and other contributions compatible with its objectives;
  • Set up and administer funds;
  • Adopt follow-up and control procedures in relation to its objectives;
  • Exercise any other function compatible with its objectives.

In carrying out these functions, the corporation favors a concerted approach, engaging all individuals and organizations implicated by its activities.

The corporation also gives its attention to the restoration of the water resources in the watershed.