ABV des 7 serves as a discussion table for the exchange of ideas between all the players concerned with water issues at the local and regional level. Its principal mandate is the preparation of a Water Master Plan for the watershed. This plan will include, among other things, a socio-economic and environmental portrait of the watershed, the identification of the key issues and concerns of the population, the negotiation of watershed contracts with the various players involved, as well as the monitoring of contract progress and the state of the environment.

Watershed contracts are negotiated on the basis of the issues identified in the master plan. These contracts, made with stakeholders from all sectors of activities concerned with water, constitute the preferential tool for the implementation of concrete actions within the watershed territory. The watershed contract clearly defines the role and function of each party in relationship to the communities located within the Gatineau River watershed. Often, these contracts are more of moral agreements rather than legally binding documents. ABV des 7 will assure the periodic publication of the state of advancement of the various projects undertaken by future partners.